We are all aware of the loads of bonuses that casinos offer, however what exactly is a sticky bonus? Well, sticky bonus is a bonus that cannot be withdrawn; some say this is the very best casino bonus you can earn. You can say that these bonuses ‘stick’ to the casino that offers them and hence they have gained the name sticky bonuses. Now you are not going to find this kind of bonus in all the casinos that you visit, as only a few casinos are known to offer this bonus because they are considered to have a good effect on the player’s online gambling experience.
So how do you get your hands on a sticky bonus? Well like a welcome bonus, sticky bonuses are offered to a player as soon as he makes his first deposit. You can use these bonuses to make huge bets even if you have a small deposit amount to your credit. You cannot withdraw the profits that you gain using this bonus, however whatever you win is all yours. A sticky bonus is one of the bonuses that comes with a time restriction and this means you have to use it before you run out of the given time. Always remember that you can enjoy your payouts, however the sticky bonus will stick to the casino.
Now, if you are wondering why any player would be interested in a bonus that he cannot cash in on, the answer to that is that this bonus is usually larger than the deposit bonus provided by the casino. It also helps the players make large bets. Well it is known to all that small wagers bring in small payouts while large bets are known to bring in larger winnings. In order to understand all the benefits and setbacks that come with this bonus it is important that you go through all the rules that online casinos offer for this bonus and it is absolutely necessary that you understand how it works.
You do not have to worry too much about this bonus in particular because online casinos are packed with bonuses. Right from the minute you sign up, online casinos guarantee to treat you to some of the most generous bonuses that you will come across for Gamblers. Online casinos have loads of bonuses and you can always choose the bonus that you want. If you want to make loads of money out of the bonuses that are offered by online casinos then you have to have a good betting strategy. And never forget to go through all the wagering requirements that are implemented by online casinos, before you start placing your bets.